Antarctic Unveiled: Scott's First Expedition and the Quest for the Unknown Continent.

As far as I am concerned this is a long overdue book, it sets the record straight about the contribution Scott made to the exploration of Antarctica. If I can quote from a book review (

" Challenges the most experienced polar traveller to assert, without hindsight, that he or she would have acted differently, given what Scott knew at the time".

The book itself is can only be described as 'full of detail'. Every known fact about the Discovery expedition is there and I mean ‘everything’!

Published by University Press of Colorado 2000.

Quest For A Phantom Strait; The Saga Of The Pioneer Antarctic Peninsula Expedition 1897-1905

Polar publishing 2004

In 1895 the worlds leading geographers met in London to discuss whether a seventh continent did exist at the South Pole. Three expeditions Belgium, Swedish and French were dispatched to test whether the Polar Sea was a collection of frozen Islands- the rest, as they say, is history!