Antarctic Adventure and Research

A general review of historical exploration and scientific research. Has a leaning towards the Ross Island area where Taylor himself lead an expedition.

Published - Appleton USA 1930

Journeyman Taylor

There is no logical reason why I found this book to be so interesting, geology can be such a dry subject but this book is written in such a matter-of-fact manner. Well travelled and academically brilliant Griffith Taylor manages to get his life story across in such an endearing way. There is only a small proportion of the book devoted to his Antarctic adventures and as you would expect it is the geology that he enthuses about. Just occasionally there are character observations which don't offend but leaves room for suspicion.

Published by Robert Hale 1958.

With Scott: the silver lining

Personal account of Scott's Terra Nova expedition to Antarctic by the Senior Geologist. This book is regarded as one of the best memoirs written by a member of Scott's party (apart from Worst Journey).

Published 1916 by Smith, Elder. US edition published by Dodd, Mead (New York, 1916)

Bluntisham has edition published 1997