Day Fourteen

Well let me see! Get dressed and out into the corridor window just to prove I was not dreaming - yes it was raining and quite heavy. Decided tho’ that I would leave this hotel today. There was no way I was going to make my way on the next stage to Cadiz, what I would do today is ride round the parks and further away places of interest then look for somewhere else to stay. Out in the street it was not as bad as yesterday but was still soon was soaked to the skin. I toured round the ‘posh bit’ of Seville. Great houses in palm- tree-lined streets. Today though, the streets were flooded, not too deep so I could not cycle but the was 10-15 cms of water especially at junctions for some reason. The main problem was that the drains were blocked with leaves but I was finding it more easier going than the cars. I cycled out to the motorway junction - where my road south also was starting from and saw that it was clearly not passable, it was on a old railway track and was flooded to an unknown depth.
What could I do now? - well easy, really - TRAIN. Nice and easy journey (only took 2 hours to Cadiz) - this journey by bike, would be at least three days. During the journey I followed my supposed route on my map, it was a great relief to see I had made the right choice about this last stage as all of the low lying area were flooded. Arrived at Cadiz, at about 6pm and again explored the old quarter looking for a hostel, I wanted this to be the right sort of place as I was here now for 4 days. This was Friday - the ferry to the Canary Isles leaves on Tuesday. So it was, I ended up at the Hotel Sol. It was just right - bike kept in office behind the reception desk - so easy access to it. Room had all facilities even had a window - shame about it being on the inside i.e. faced out into the corridor. This was the central hall was the main feature of the building, a large open area beautifully marbled with a glass dome. What's more it was hot - hot hot hot, 34 C in fact. Thankfully there was a huge (but noisy) fan spinning recklessly above the bed.

Day Fifteen

Spent all day wondering around Cadiz. Soon found the main office of Accord Ferries and discovered that it was not opening until Monday. So all there was to do was to walk/bike around the town and so it was that I got to know it very, very well.

A Cadiz lovers sunset

Day Sixteen

The inners of the Hotel del Sol. Small room again and also no windows!

Spent all day on the bike. Took a short ferry ride to Puerto Real (other side of the bay) and cycled back. Was a good ride - firstly, came across a ‘Bike Day’ in the local (closed) Carrafour car park. Easily in excess of 2,000 cyclist’s there. Then coming back on to the dual carriageway road (across the mud flats into Cadiz) the cars in front had been stopped by a Police motor cyclist. Soon became apparent why, there was a big bike race on. I got in behind them - I didn’t half put a spurt on after them, I could see people in the cars on the other side pointing at me as I tore after the pack. Old git on a bike, panniers flapping wildly, head down. As it was I did catch up with them on the outskirts of Cadiz but they were now heading back the other way - so stopped and shouted at them for not waiting for me.

Day Fifteen

A race to Cadiz. Despite shouting at them to wait for me they just went faster! The slip road up in the right of this picture was where the policeman waved me passed the stopped traffic and effectively let me join in! ( I thinka, he wassa, takin de pissa).

Day Seventeen

Down at the Ferry Office for my ticket to Tenerife
“Una billete, Santa Cruz Tenerife, bicicleta , por favour”.
“The ferry is full” says the man behind the glass.
“NO! Ow! What!, Eh!”
“….. It is full señor”

The ferry was full. The ferry that runs only on Tuesday’s. The ferry I had travelled 14 days for!