Day Nine

Woke up to heavy rain. It would appear that up until my arrival the area was in drought. I very reluctantly packed up my kit and headed south. The journey out of the city was horrible, again all roads lead to motorways and underpasses. Finally, got out into the country having gone up a long incline and saw the road disappearing into the black murkiness - nope, this was just too exposed for me. Decided to head all the way back into the old town and get a bus to Salamanca. Cost me 6 Euros (incl the bike) and there was nothing more pleasing in sitting there with the wind and rain beating against the bus windows. Plus side, was missing yet again that horrible suburban area that surrounds all large towns.

My room - the one with the balcony and the flags - how did they know I was coming?

Salamanca is an ancient university town and I was well impressed with it. The main old town area was car free, there were lots of tourist's which suited me fine as I predicted less of a language problem. Got into the Hostel Revolution which was only about 50 metres from the main square. Also had the room with a balcony - the room had all facilities (not cooking but there was kitchen available downstairs). It quite simply got all the ticks - 5 star as far as I was concerned. Had a walk around the town and quickly concluded that despite the bus ride nearly getting me back on schedule I would book in for another day and spend tomorrow getting to know this city. Stuff schedules.

I was very impressed with this beautiful city, accomodation was equally good. So I stayed another day.

Day Ten

A day off - its been 6 days of cycling so why not? Enjoyable day mooching around the area. Went up the tower of the main church etc and did all the usual things. What was noticeable was the change in the weather, now very showery. Wife control had warned me of impending doom and gloom heading for Southern Spain. In fact, when watching the news that night tomorrow was to be heavy rain and strong winds. While I have sounded off about what a nice place Salamanca is and the predicted bad weather I still decided to move on to Bejar. The compromise was that I would go there by bus.

Day Eleven

Well at least the weather forecast was right, its a heavy drizzle, cold and windy. So its a bus ride to Bejar. This should have been a one hour journey but the bus broke down. We waited 40 mins for a replacement but still arrived in Bejar just after 3pm. By now the rain had stopped so decided to bike out of town and try and get some K’s in before the evening. Not a great success as I ended up on the hard shoulder of the motorway and had turn back onto the oncoming traffic, eventually got on the right road, when the rain came in bucket loads. So I turned back all the way (uphill) to Bejar again. Bejar was is not a particular pretty town, the awful weather probably did not help. Got into a bar/hotel (60 Euros, very expensive for me!) The owners then closed up for the night (incl the bar) and I was left in the whole building by myself. They did leave me with a key for the back door. A good room though set up to a high standard - even had the chocolate on my pillow. Brought in some eats and watched the riots going on in Madrid. During the night the metal shutters really banged and crashed and I could hear things being blown about in the street -there clearly was a big storm going on out there. Hope it was going to blow itself out. I had decided enough of buses - no matter what its like, its bike-time tomorrow.