Antarctica: First Impressions 1773-1930

Edited By: Douglas R. G. Sellick

Fremantle Arts Centre Press (2001)

This review from the publishers web site:

These travellers' tales have one thing in common: they are true.

Antarctica is the driest, the windiest, the highest continent on earth. And the least known. This anthology offers a diverse collection of gripping autobiographical first impressions of travellers of all kinds to Antarctica. From the very famous, to the many long forgotten expeditions and voyagers, whose stories are some of the most extraordinary tales of courage and daring ever published.

Stories from:
James Cook
James Weddell
James Eights
Charles Wilkes
Sir James Clark Ross
William JJ Spry
Henrik Johan Bull
Frederick Albert Cook
Ernest Henry Shackleton
Roald Amundsen
Edward Evans
Herbert Ponting
Frank Debenham
Douglas Mawson
Ernest Joyce
Sir Hubert Wilkins

Introduction by: Professor Peter Spearritt Director of the National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University.