'Birdie' Bowers of the Antarctic

Biography of Henry Robertson Bowers who was to die with Scott. This is a good good book about an unique man. Published by John Murray 1938.

Edward Wilson, Nature Lover.

Filled with excellent sketches. It shows the talents this man had and his gentlemanly manner comes across strongly in this book. Published by John Murray 1937

The Faith of Edward Wilson

Not about exploration but here because it forms part of a series of books by Seaver. Further evidence of Wilson's strong character. John Murray first published in 1948.

Scott of the Antarctic. A Study in Character.

A good, but a one-sided view of Scott. Issued with the full approval of the British Antarctic Expedition and Lady Scott. The official biography. Published by John Murray in 1940.

Edward Wilson of the Antarctic: Naturalist and Friend

This book is illustrated with Wilson's own sketches. It tells of a great Victorian character and gentleman. The biography is now rather dated and has not a hint of controversy or scandal. Wilson was one of Scott's special select group and was the 2nd doctor on the 'Discovery' expedition. Both of them saved the life of Shackleton. Wilson was to die along side Scott, a friend and loyal colleague to the very end.

This book was very popular and ran into several editions and reprints. John Murray first published in October 1933