The Siege of The South Pole

The story of Antarctic exploration with maps, diagrams and other illustrations. Tells about the following expeditions: 1) James Cook 2) Bellinghausen’s Antarctic voyage 3) Weddell 4) Enderby Brothers 5) Dumont D’Urville 6) Charles Wilkes and the United States Exploring Expedition 7) James Clark Ross 8) Hairbreadth 9) Erebus, including information on whalers, sealers etc. 1st Edition 1905. Printed by Alston Rivers, London.

Hugh Robert Mill: An Autobiography

Hugh Robert Mill was the Royal Geographical librarian, he greatly influenced many polar explorers including Scott and Shackleton. Published Longmans & Green 1951.

The Life Of Sir Ernest Shackleton CVO, OBE, CMD,LID.

This is a good biography of Shackleton, full of fine detail. It does however, reflect the age in which it was written and does not have personality traits as found in Huntford book, but it still is a good read. Published Heineman April 1923. The second edition published 1924 has errors corrected.