South with Mawson- Reminiscences of the Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914

First edition published 1947 George Harrup, later published by Angus and Robertson (1957). Life aboard the 'Aurora' with the Australian's of the 1911-13 expedition.

Antarctic Eyewitness: South With Mawson And Shackletons Argonauts

Angus & Robertson Publishers

Two stories of the 'heroic era', of sustained survival and the triumph of the human spirit set against seemingly impossible odds. One is Sir Douglas Mawson's 1909-14 Australian Antarctic Expedition. The other is Sir Ernest Shackleton's unsuccessful attempt to cross the Antarctic continent from 1914-16, and the extraordinary survival of his entire party after the expedition's ship Endurance was crushed and sunk in pack ice. A timely, superbly chronicled and immensely readable double volume.South With Mawson was published in 1947. Shackleton's Argonauts was published in 1948. Both expeditions were chronicled by Frank Hurley, indomitable Australian photographer

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