Kyles of Bute - Trip 1

The Kyles are excellent for the day sailor. Sailors have many sheltered anchorages to choose from, both on the Bute side and along the mainland. We have a weeks cruising using Carry Farm as a base. Excellent hosts and lovely 'chalet' accommodation.

Experienced sailors will find the Kyles of Bute an absolute pleasure. These are quiet straits and part of Argyll’s Secret Coast. Loch Riddon and Loch Ruel, at the northern end of the Kyles, are particularly scenic

The Kyles of Bute are beautiful narrow sea straits stretching from Tighnabruaich round the northern end of the Isle of Bute. The Kyles are designated a National Scenic Area. The narrowest point of the Kyles of Bute is just 300 metres across, between Rhubodach on the Isle of Bute, and Colintraive on the mainland. CalMac operate a ferry service across this strait, which takes only 5 minutes. Tighnabruaich is a Gaelic name meaning "the house on the hill". Never has there been such an appropriate named village, the steep hills rising above the shoreline prove this. When approaching by road, only completed in the 1960’s, you drive along the narrow and twisty road chiselled and blasted out of the hillside, you are met with spectacular views. There are several viewpoints along the road, and on a clear day there are great views, especially look for the view over Burnt Island narrows.

Please take care if you are a sailor or venturing out into these waters – you need to know what you’re doing as tidal and coastal conditions may be different from what you are used to.

Kyles of Bute - Trip 1

View of the Burnt Island narrows - choose your run through here carefully!

Can't recommend this area enough - some superb scenery. I particularly suggest exploring Loch Riddon.

Slipway at Carry Farm - allowed great opportunityfor exploring. Nearr Tighnabruaich, Kyles of Bute, I left my boat on a trolley on the beach. Overnight there was a spring tide. It did not wash away (thankfully, lesson to be learnt there) but I was left with a silver cylinder marked 'explosive' in red under my boat. Called the owners over to have a look. Police came -Bomb Disposal Unit came - bomb taken to nearby sand dunes and set off with a big bang. End of story NO - the next morning - a similar device was found on the beach next to by boat and Police would not let me near my boat, whole day lost!

Loch Riddon off to the left and top view of the Burnt Isles. I highly recommend this area for day sailing - some superb scenery. I particularly suggest exploring Loch Riddon.

Rothesay Bay (Bute) 2018

One week with Hollowell Sailors Weather awful, strong winds and deep dark skies kept 26 members of Hollowell Sailing Club in the shelter of Rothesay Bay. Isle of Bute Sailing Club were our hosts for the week and what a great help they were. The weather dominated our time and curtailled many planned cruises. We still managed a days sail to Tighnabruiaich (a trip of 30 miles). We had day's out together on Waverley and local stately homes. Many hours were spent munching meringues at local tea shops watching the rain run down the windows...but hey ho...that's small boat sailing!

2019 - Returned for a second weeks cruising out of Rothesay with a crowd from Hollowell SC.

Weather this time was a 'little' bit beeter. Again proving what a great place for day sailing. The island was exploed and beaches combed!

Full credit to Paul Mallard for the images.