The Wicked Mate. The Antarctic Diary of Victor Campbell

Ed. by HRG King

The British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 and its aftermath dominates the history books. There is, however, like 'The Worst Journey in the World' a tale of courage and determination that remains largely untold and forgotten. In 1910 Scott in his infinite wisdom sent six men to explore King Edward VII Land (The Northern Party). This was under the command of Victor Campbell. His exploration took him and his party to Cape Adare and then to pick up the relief ship at Inexpressible Island. The ship failed to rescue them and left them marooned without shelter and little food. They overwintered in a cave and then walked 230 miles back to Cape Evans. They were in a sorry state but alive and this is their tale. Read it! Recently published by Bluntisham books.

The Antarctic

A general view of the southern continent extensive coverage of the geography and science with a token jesture chapter covering exploration. Does have some good photographs. Published Blanford Press in 1969