The Amundsen Photographs

A book that covers Amundsen's expeditions to the North West passage, the South Pole and the Maud Expedition. There are fantastic photographs reproduced from Amundsen's long lost lantern slides. Like all of Huntfords first editions, as rare as hens teeth. Published Atlantic Press 1987.

Scott & Amundsen

This is a key book on the subject of Antarctic exploration. It is a controversial double biography of the first and second to the pole. This book has been described as the 'case against Scott' and it does not hold back on criticism of him. There is now evidence that Scott's failure was not just because of his personality but there were problems that existed that was out of his control. The unusual cold weather was just one issue. Huntford elevates Amundsen to his place amongst the greatest of explorers and finding in Scott 'a suitable hero for a nation in decline'. There is no still no doubt however, that this is a brilliantly researched book. Its strength lies in its detail and that alone makes it the standard text book on this subject.
The book was first published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1979 and a good condition copy would fetch £120. The USA edition issued by Putnam's is worth about $500. When issued in paperback it had a change of title - SCOTT & AMUNDSEN: A RACE TO THE POLE. (Pan Books 1983). Weinenfield reissued the book under its original title in 1993. Other publishers issued THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH (a third title change) from 1981 to 2000. This was a follow-up book to a successful television programme of the same name.


Well researched and comprehensive. This is a key book that captures the character of Shackleton - a man full of contradictions and vision, yet who had the qualities of leadership. A man who made things happen and a great hero. Hodder & Stoughton published in 1985. Numerous issues in paperback from 1985 onwards.

The Shackleton Voyages: A Pictorial Anthology of the Polar Explorer and Edwardian Hero.

A Large format book (weighs 4.5 lbs) which shows off Hurleys photographs to their best. Pub. 2002