Below the Convergence: Voyages towards Antarctica.

I picked up this book with a feeling of having read it all before. How wrong I was, this is a very good, well written book. It particularly covers the earlier explorers and the affect the seal hunters had on the Antarctic. Its strength lies in the breath of investigation which is transferred to these pages in a easy to read manner. A book well worth reading. Published 1997 by Pimlico/Norton.

The Race to the White Continent: Voyages to the Antarctic.

The second book by Gurney follows on from 'Below the Convergence'. It concentrates on a ten year period from 1830. This decade saw three government expeditions - French, American and British. The leaders of each risked their lives for the glory of exploration. This is another good book this author and would be a worthy addition to Antarctic bookshelves. Published 2000 by Norton.