The Polar Regions.

A short general account, published 1930 by Ernest Benn.

Antarctica: The Story of a Continent.

A history of exploration, technique and travel. Published Jenkins 1959. US edition by Macmillan 1961

The Voyage of Captain Bellingshausen to the Antarctic Seas 1819-1821.

Published by the Hakluyt Society 1945. Original copies of this book are extremely rare and would fetch £1000+.

In The Antarctic. Stories of Scott's Last Expedition

A short book written by a junior member of Scott's last expedition. It reflects the lighter side of life at Cape Evans. There are extracts from the South Polar Times and some sketches by Dr. Wilson. Interesting but not particularly informative. First published by John Murray in 1952 and reprinted by Erskine Press in 1998.

The Quiet Land. ( Ed. June Debenham)

Frank Debenham was a member of the 'Terra Nova' expedition and the main instigator, and the first Director, of the Scott Polar Research Institute. The book is based on his diaries and was not intended for publication. They however, retain all the freshness and enthusiasm of a young man embarking on a great adventure. There are plenty of photographs and Frank's own sketches throughout the book. A good primary source but you need to read between the lines to spot the problems he had being an Australian on a essentially a ' British' expedition. Published Erskine Press 1992