With The 'Aurora' In The Antarctic 1911-1914

Douglas Mawson led the Australian Antarctic Expedition aboard the 'Aurora'. Mawson's subsequent popular official account of the expedition - 'The Home of the Blizzard' offered an extensive overview, but even so failed to provide much detail about the ship's actual voyages. Davis the ship's captain fills the gap in the literature by providing the present record of the ship's life. Published Melrose 1919, it is a rare book worth £1200 for a good copy.

Trial by Ice. The Antarctic Journals of John King Davis.
(Ed by Louise Crossley

John King Davis was probably the greatest of the captains in the age of Antarctic exploration, and he was obsessed with the Antarctic. His seven voyages from 1907 to 1930 gave him an unrivalled experience in ice navigation. Known by his crew as 'Gloomy Davis' he believed in stern discipline and that it was the captain, not the expedition leader, who was in charge of the ship. His caution and pessimism often brought him into conflict with expedition leaders such as Douglas Mawson.
Taken from his previous journals, this is Davis's account of the major Antarctic voyages. It offers and interesting counterpoint to the diaries of Mawson and it gives a very personal view of Davis's feelings about the frozen continent that dominated so much of his life. Published by Bluntisham in 1997.