The Voyage of the 'Why Not' in the Antarctic.

(Le Pourquoi-Pas? dam L'Antarctique. Journal de la Deuxieme Expedition Au Pole Sud 1908-10)

A journal of the second French South Pole Expedition 1908 -10. A well run and highly productive expedition which charted 3000 kilometres of previously unknown coastline. The ship was later lost with 41 men on board including Charcot of Iceland in 1936. Published by Hodder & Stoughton .

Towards The South Pole Aboard The Francais

Translated by A. Billinghurst, facsimile edition by Bluntisham Books 2005. Quite expensive at £45.

The first French expedition to the Antarctic in 1903 reveals Charcot to be a man of intelligence and practicality. His attitude towards his crew and the comforts he tried to provide for them were well advanced for the time. Finance by an inheritance received in1893, Charcot's French Antarctic Expedition initially intended to search for the 'Nordenskjold' from whose Antarctic expedition there had been no word in the spring of 1903. However, on reaching Buenos Aires and finding that the Swedish expedition had returned safely, Charcot continued to the Polar Archipelago and the Graham Land coast. There, in spite of damage sustained by the Francais, the expedition succeeded in discovering 620 miles of new coasts and islands, making an accurate map of the Graham Land Archipelago, and collecting numerous scientific observations.