Belgica Diary. The First Scientific Expedition to the Antarctic.

Edited by Hugo Decleir

In 1897 the first Antarctic expedition of a purely scientific nature set sail from Belgium (Gerlache De Gomery). On board, as second officer in a multinational crew, was Roald Amundsen, the future conqueror of the South Pole, and it was this expedition that fired him with his ambition to explore the polar regions. Amundsen studied the personalities of those on board during that first over wintering in Antarctica. He became acutely aware of the importance of morale and strong leadership in these circumstances. Published by Erskin Press/ Bluntisham (1999). Available new for £25.

South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the Fram

The original edition is a very rare book and later edition copies in good condition are hard to come by. It relates Amundsen's winning race to the pole. Nothing was left to chance and he reached the pole in 99 days. The expedition was well organised and with weather conditions in their favour he reach the pole well before Scott. Published in a two volume edition by Murray in 1912.

My Life As An Explorer

Autobiography published 1927 by Heineman.