Mrs Chippy's Last Expedition: 1914-1915

A light hearted book about 'Mrs Chippy' the ship's carpenter's cat on Endurance. The story does leave its sad end unexplained -but I will let you into a secret -it was shot! Interestingly, would Scott have had the cat shot? Shackleton did, and one reason was to assert his authority over the carpenter, McNeish who by some accounts was a bit of a trouble- maker. See, you thought it was just a simple childrens adventure story about a ships cat! Published 1997 by Harper-Collins. (ID2)

The Endurance. Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition.

Very lively, well researched book its large format making the best of Hurley's photographs. This combination with Shackleton remarkable story comes across well. Published 1998 by Bloomsbury.(ID3)