Adventures with a grumpy old sailor.

Whos Me ?

This is probably the most self-indulgent site on the web. I make no apologies, it keeps friends, relatives and my insurance company informed of what I am up to in my rapidly approaching old age. To make the most of early retirement I have done the odd, long-distance cycle tour. Visiting on separate occasions Spain, France and the Western Islands of Scotland. My last trip followed the Rhine from its source to the sea. I have also done a number of the Sustrans routes in the UK.

I have two GP14 sailing dinghies, ‘Erebus' in which I have explored the backwaters and estuary’s of our wonderful coastline. I also have 'Aeolian' a vintage GP14 boat, built in 1950. I spend many hours rubbing it down and varnishing then I rub it down again and varnish then I ru.....

2020 and along came SOIRBHEAS a spanking, brand new, supberb new boat. Just itching to go out!

I am an member of the DCA (Dinghy Cruising Association), CVRDA (Classic and Vintage Dinghy Association) and The GP14 Association, Cruising/Classic Section.

I have been given from the Royal Yachting Association, their Gold Medal Community Award, and in 2013 was finalist in the 'Old Pultney' Martime Heroes Awards.

These cycle/sailing trips take a long-time in planning and I may as well share these experiences with you and hopefully, you will be inspired and encouraged to make the best used of your time on planet Earth

Stewart (Chief of the Grumpy Old Men)

“It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.”